How to Fix Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are very messy especially because the water cannot run properly. Possible causes include hairs and small debris that accidentally fall down the drain. Availing the services of professionals can be quite expensive, which is why they are not practical to do. Be able to restore the full functionality and efficiency of your drains by learning how to fix blocked drains.

Materials Needed

Before you can start doing this job, you need to gather a number of important materials first. This task is easier if you have vinegar, baking soda as well as a snake. Aside from these, you must also have gloves, plunger and boiling water. Furthermore, it can help to have a hair catcher/drain guard, and a garbage can. If you have these items, it is easier to perform such moderate job.


Before you start this job, clean the surrounding areas of the plumbing drain or sink. Allot some space by removing dishes, towels and furniture. This is important because things can be really messy. The water buildup must be removed as well. Transfer it to another sink, bathtub or toilet. You can use a dustpan for this particular step. It is easier to clean if the sink is visible.

Get the plunger and then use it directly right into the hole. Some times, this is enough to remove the stuck material. However, if this cannot get the job done, you can use a drain snake instead. Slowly push it down the drainage. Apply some pressure enough to remove the clog from the drain.

After this, you can now remove the material, toilet paper or hair clogging the drain. In certain situations, one try is not enough to remove all the clogs. Simply repeat the step involving the drain snake until there is no more clog left.

If the problem is a sink, it is good to install a hair catcher or a sink guard to stop materials from going down the drain. Maintaining a fine drain is better than fixing a clogged one. For this, you need vinegar, baking soda and boiling water. First, put ¼-cup baking soda right onto the drain. After that, pour in a cup of white vinegar, preferably distilled. Wait for a couple of minutes and then slowly pour a half gallon of hot boiling water. For sure, the drain will be completely free from residues.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Observe extreme caution when handling boiling water. As much as possible, keep children away while performing this job. Do not let them touch the snake because it is very dirty. Never put anything that can obstruct or reduce the capacity of the drain to function normally.

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