How to Build an Aviary

Aviaries can come in different sizes, depending on how many birds you want to put there. The methods used to make them can vary too. If you want to build an aviary but do not know how, use this guide.

Required Tools and Materials

2 x 4s
Galvanized nails
Wire mesh
Staple gun

Step 1

Use the 2 x 4s and the galvanized nails to make four panels. Make sure the panels have the same size. Make certain you add the gate on one of the panels. You will use this to access the aviary. Note: the dimensions of the panel will hinge on the size of the aviary.

Step 2

Place a ¼ inch wire mesh over the four panels. Stretch the mesh. A single mesh is sufficient for large birds. If the birds are small, you’ll need to apply a double mesh. This will prevent them from flying away.

Step 3

Nail the panels to make your aviary. Use the galvanized nails to secure the 2 x 4s. When you build an aviary, keep track of how large the structure is. This will determine how many nails you have to use.

Step 4

Apply some wire mesh on the top of the aviary. This is fine if you live in a tropical place or if it does not snow. If it rains heavily or snows, you should make a sloping roof. If that is not possible, set the aviary below an overhang. This will protect it from the elements.

Step 5

Place some perches or trees in the aviary. You can make the perches from the 2 x 4s or you can buy them. These are essential, as they provide the birds with a roosting and nesting place.

Tips and Warnings

The standard size of an aviary is 5 feet H x 3 feet W x 12 feet L. This can hold 20 birds of average size. An aviary of this size can hold many smaller birds. You can also build an indoor aviary measuring 4 x 5 ft x 2 ft deep.

You can add a 12 inch foundation to this structure. Place some newspapers on the base so you can easily collect bird debris and waste and dispose of them.

You can also add some casters on the aviary base. This will enable you to move the unit from one location to another.

As long as you have the right equipment, you can learn how to build an aviary. Just like with other DIY projects, you simply have to follow the directions and proceed carefully.

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