How to Fix a Washing Machine

When you are faced with a broken washing machine, fixing it yourself could seem like a tall order especially if you’re not one to tinker with appliances at home. With so many controls and components that could be the possible culprit, you may not know where to start.

However daunting the task may be, it won’t hurt to first troubleshoot the problem yourself because the solution may be easier than you expected.

How to Fix a Washing Machine

Before you check for deeper problems that may be causing your washing machine to act up, do the basic steps first just to make sure that you have all possible areas covered.

If it isn’t working even after you have turned on the switch check the following: adequate power supply to the socket where your washer is plugged, circuit breaker, fuse, water supply valves – make sure these are turned on; timer control and lid switch.

After ensuring that everything is in order; i.e. adequate power supply, water valves are on and so forth; turn off your power supply so you can safely check the components. Also make sure that your washer is unplugged to avoid accidental electrocution – even if you have already turned off the power supply.

Faulty Water Inlet Valves

If your water valves are faulty this could result in the following: slow-filling tub, overflowing tub, and no hot or no cold water. When any one of these happens, first ensure that your water is turned on full and that the inlet valves are securely connected to the hot and cold water supply.

Check to see if the screens found in your valves have any debris that may obstruct water flow. Remove and debris from both screens and check if you have adequate water flowing to the tub.

To check if your hot water supply is the problem, put your temperature control to the hot setting and see if water flows. If it doesn’t, set it to warm. If all that comes out is cold water, your inlet valve that connects to the hot water supply is the problem.

Do the same steps in reverse – set the temperature to cold first and then to warm – to check if the cold water inlet valve is your problem.

You can purchase replacement valves from any hardware store to remedy the situation. To ensure that you get the exact valve that you need, take your broken valve with you to the hardware store and ask for the same model.

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