How to Repair a Metal Roof

Just like all the other types of roofing systems out there, a metal roof is not free from various kinds of damages. Because of changing weather conditions as well as other unavoidable factors, the quality and dependability of the roof are compromised. Once rust and old age come in, this kind of roof can have leaks and holes. Be able to solve these problems by knowing how to repair a metal roof.

Materials Needed

You need to bring a number of important materials before you can proceed with this moderate task. These include a wire brush, all-purpose cleaner and roofing cement. Aside from these materials, you must also prepare tin snips, sandpaper and pliers. To fix major problems, it is very important to have a solder and a soldering iron.


The first thing you need to do is to determine the particular type of metal that was used for your roof. With this, you can find the same material for the patches. Get an all-purpose cleaner and then use it to clean the damage. Allow it to dry for some time and then remove debris using a wire brush. When making a patch, you have to cut a larger piece than the actual damage, preferably a couple of inches bigger.

Get the tin snips and then cut the patch at the corners. The edges must be folded by about half-an-inch. Use the sandpaper on the folded parts until they become shiny. Put flux along the folded edges of the patch as well as on the surface to be patched. Place the patch on top of the damage and then top it with a brick or cinder block.

Get the soldering iron and then seal the seam. Put solder all over the surrounding areas of the patch. Be sure not to leave any open space because this will make the patch ineffective. Do not use a patch that is smaller than the damaged part because this is not enough to cover the hole. You can be sure of a durable result by applying a single coat of roofing cement on the roof. Wait for it to dry and then apply another coat. Do the same thing to the third and final coat of roofing cement.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When dealing with steel roofing, it is best to use a noncorrosive resin flux, preferably an acid flux that contains copper. For aluminum roofs, it is appropriate to use a fiberglass patch. The solder can work properly only if the materials used are of the same type.

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