How to Build Your Own Greenhouse

You can build a greenhouse in many ways. These instructions are for making a solar greenhouse. This is a task you can do yourself or with the help of others.

Required Tools and Materials

Fan (optional)
Reflective paint
Black paint
55-gallon drums
Fiberglass insulation
Glazing material
2 x 6 boards
4-inch x 6 inch x 12 foot beams
Tape measure

Step 1

Decide where you will put the structure. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it should be set in the south. Make sure the area gets plenty of sunlight. The greenhouse should not be blocked by trees. Create a sketch of the greenhouse. Make it as detailed as possible.

Step 2

Determine the greenhouse dimensions. For a solar greenhouse, a 2:1:1 ratio (L x W x H) is ideal. To determine the roof slope, add 10 to the latitude. If the latitude is 45 degrees, set the roof slope at 55 degrees.

Step 3

Use the stakes to mark the spot where you want to build a greenhouse. If the greenhouse is rectangle in shape, the sides have to be even. Excavate a trench half a foot wide to accommodate the base beams. By using a level you can be certain the base is level.

Step 4

Use the 2 x 6 boards to make the frames. Put the walls in place. You may need some help in putting the walls up if the greenhouse is large. Nail or screw the walls together. Install the door in place.

Step 5

Place some glazing material on the slope that faces the sun. To get the area, determine the width and length of the glazing. Multiply this to get the figures.

To obtain the gallons of water required, multiply the area times five. There are various types of glazing that can be used. There are plastic materials that can keep ultraviolet rays away. Make sure the glazing fits in well and covers up any cracks.

Step 6

Apply insulation on any portion that is not utilized for solar collection.

Step 7

Get the required number of gallon drums to accommodate the heat storage requirements of the unit. Paint them black and place them on the wall. Don’t let it make contact with the wall. Add the plants inside the greenhouse.

After you build a greenhouse, paint the parts not used for absorbing heat with reflective paint. This will point the sunlight to the plants. Finally, you should add ventilation so it will keep the greenhouse cool.

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