How to Fit New PVC Guttering

How to Fit New PVC Guttering

If you’re fitting in PVC guttering, you need to prepare these tools. You’ll probably need several types of screwdrivers, so having a set is ideal.

Required Tools and Materials

Fascia brackets
Spirit level
A set of screwdrivers

Step 1

Begin by taking out the old gutter. When the gutter has been removed, take out the other fittings as well. Look at the fascia boards. If they need to be fixed or replaced, do it now. Do not put in new gutters on dilapidated wood; this will destroy the roof.

Step 2

Begin by securing in the running outlet (that’s the part that links the guttering on the down pipe). When fitting in PVC guttering, you need to set this above the drain. Use the 1 in or 1 ¼ in screwdrivers (steel plated type is recommended).

Step 3

Head over to the farthest point in the entire structure. Fasten in the fascia bracket utilizing a 1” screw. Place it around 100 mm along the furthest point. Proceed by stringing a line in the midst of the bottom bracket and the outlet’s bottom.

Utilize the spirit level to make certain of a fall heading to the outlet. The ideal fall is about 1 in 600 (an inch in 50 ft). However there are different falls around, so check the one your system employs.

Step 4

The next stage to fitting in PVC guttering is to install the fittings along the fascia. As a rule, fascia brackets are installed every 3 ft. Yours may be different, so check first. Use the gutter unions to fasten each gutter part. Most of them are 4 meters long. For corners, 90 degree angles are employed.

Step 5

When the fittings are in, install the gutter. Ensure the gutter lines are aligned with the marks on the fittings’ insides. Ensure the neoprene seals are at the gloves. Slide the gutter’s back below the fittings clip. Put pressure on the clips’ underside per fitting.

To make sure you’re fitting in PVC guttering correctly, you need to pull down the front edge while administering this pressure. You’ll know you’re doing it right when it snaps on.

Step 6

The next step is to put in the down pipe. Start by fastening in the plumb line in the middle of the outlet. When you get the vertical line, drill the down pipe clips. You’ll need some rawplugs for this job as well as 1 ½” x 10” screws. Loosely fasten each bracket.

if the fascia board is affixed from a wall, get two 112 degree pipe bends and another small pipe. Cut them to the right size. After making the swan neck, set the top socket in the outlet. Press the pipe down.

Step 7

Fasten the pipe with the 1st clip’s screw. Add screws every 1.8 meters in a vertical manner.

The final step to fitting in PVC guttering is to join the down pipe on the drainage system. You’ll need a rainwater pipe to drainage adaptor. After this step, you’re done.