How to Fix a Broken Cabinet

Repairing broken cabinets doesn’t always necessitate calling a professional repairman. Some problems like faulty slide drawers you can fix quite easily.

Required Tools and Materials

Plastic drawer guide (a notched piece that puts the drawer on track)

Step 1

Remove everything in the cabinet drawer. Hold the handle and pull it. Keep pulling until it goes off the rack. If necessary, lift the drawer over the rack. Other models will require you to press down on a lever to get the drawer off.

Step 2

Flip the drawer over and search for the drawer guide. This is a small plastic component square or somewhat circle-like in shape.

Step 3

Before you continue repairing broken cabinets, assess its condition first. If the guide has just loosened, you can tighten it up with a screwdriver. When it’s screwed, put the drawer back in again. If the guide uses staples, take it off and put screws in.

Step 4

If the drawer guide is broken, prepare the new guide. Set the drawer guide in position. Ensure that the wood holes are aligned with those of the new drawer guide. Put the screws in place. Do not fasten the screws too much; doing this might damage the drawer.

Step 5

You are almost finished repairing broken cabinets. Slide the drawer into position. Usually the drawer bottom has metal track. If it is a wood strip, you need to secure the screws first. You should slide in the drawer only after the wooden strip has been secured. If necessary, buy a new wooden strip.

Other Ways of Fixing Broken Cabinets

If the cabinet is stuck, try tapping it. If this doesn’t release the sliding drawer, check for any loose screws. You should also check the ball bearings. These are usually found at the drawer sides.

These are used to help the drawer slide in and out. If these parts are broken, they need to be replaced. Bring them to the store so you can get the appropriate replacement when repairing broken cabinets.

Liquid absorption will cause slides to widen. To start fixing this type of damage, use a pencil to determine how thick it has become. Use a saw to trim the slides. However you should not cut more than 1/16” from it.

Tips and Warnings

Wear safety goggles if you need to use the saw to trim the cabinets. If you want to paint the cabinet, wear a face mask so you don’t inhale the paint. It’s also important that you make the proper measurements.

To be safe, always measure twice. If you need to get replacement parts, always bring a sample to the store. This is the best way to avoid wrong purchases. Hire a qualified repairman if you don’t feel comfortable using carpentry tools.
The idea of repairing broken cabinets seems complex, but in many instances it’s just about tightening a few loose screws. By taking the time to study a cabinet’s features, you’ll be able to fix some common problems.

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