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Back in the day, before you were able to create a single web page, you would have to be required a bit of extensive knowledge regarding HTML coding. It was tedious and quite boring, unless of course you’re the type of guy who loves to sit in front of a page analyzing codes for hours.

However, as time went by technology improved so that even those with fundamental computer know how can create a web page of their own. HTML coding will still have its advantages but today’s technology allows even novices to practice and learn at least the basics. Nowadays, there are a lot of options on how to build a web page.

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There are many web design applications that are sold commercially today. You can purchase the one that appeals best to you and use it to your hearts content. Some of these applications include Frontpage and Dreamweaver. These are called HTML editors and web development applications. In lay man’s terms, this means you get to design your web page graphically without having to bother or mess with the code. These programs or applications make the previous coding experience a less daunting task.

If you don’t want to use these commercially sold applications then you can always turn to freeware that you can download from the Internet. You can turn to Google and search for free HTML editors and pick one that has good reviews. These are only some of the options you have in order to build a web page.

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The drawback with web development applications is the fact that you will have to install them onto your computer. You will have to make sure that your computer system is compatible to the specifications for that application. Some users do not want to bother with installing any additional programs. If you’re the type that simply doesn’t have time to learn how to use new software applications then you can use online options to build a web page.

There are web sites out there nowadays that offer the very same capabilities as web development applications and HTML editors. These sites do not require you to install any software application in order to create, edit, and publish your web pages. Of course the content of the pages you create will all be up to you. You can even design the page layout and designs first and then add the text content later.

Some of your online options to build a web page include Moonfruit, Webs, Webstarts, TinyMCE, OpenBEXI, and a host of other sites. With today’s advancement in technology, even those with minimum to average computer skills can create their own web pages.

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