How to Repair Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors look fantastic. But they do require a little attention every now and then. That’s because hardwood floors are quite prone to damage. If you are suffering from such a dilemma, worry no more. We will give you some tips and tricks on how to repair hardwood floors the do-it-yourself way.

The Common Problems

There are a number of problems that you may encounter regarding your hardwood floors. There are minor ones like light scratches that are only on the surface. There are also major ones where the damage is on the structure itself. In both cases, you can DIY the fixing, depending on how much you know about this kind of project.

Scratches are quite ordinary for hardwood floors. They are signs of the common wear and tear. However, if the scratches become too visible, they become unsightly, even annoying. Touch-up kits that you could purchase at any home store near you can repair light scratches. There are also color sticks that you could use to fix them, keep them hidden from the naked eye. If the scratches go out of hand, meaning, they are deeper into the structure, you may want to replace the damaged boards.

Another common problem about hardwood floors is buckling. This is when the boards rise up due to the levels of humidity that the flooring face every day. In this case, you may need to fix a screw to the buckled up portion to avoid any member of the family to trip into it.

Hardwood floors may also suffer from gaps, which occurs on a seasonal basis. You have to understand that wood responds to the weather abruptly. It may either shrink or expand to dryness or moisture. Examine if the gaps become too visible. If not, you may just patiently wait for your hardwood flooring to return to its normal shape when the weather is humid.

If there are loose planks or split woods on your flooring, all that you need is a hammer and some nails. That is, if the problem is not a major one. Greatly loose boards and larger splits may require you to look for replacements.

Lastly, there’s the problem of staining. Hardwood floors are prone to stains. In this case, all you need is an effective solution that will remove the ugly stain while protecting the beauty of the wood. There are home remedies you can use for this cause like vinegar matched by a clean, dry cloth.

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