How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

Why should you pay money when you can build a rabbit hutch by yourself? To make one, just follow these directions.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood boards (2 x 4s)
Screws or nails
Steel ties
Drill (with bits)
Wire cutter

Constructing the Rabbit Cage

After determining the dimensions of the cage’s floor, cut the plywood. Saw four wood boards. Secure each of these wood boards to the plywood you just sawed.

Get the wires and wrap it around the four wood posts. The space for the wire varies, but an inch per wire is suitable. You should use the metal ties to fasten the wires. If there is excess wiring, slice it off with the wire cutter.

Making the Supporting Frame

The next step to build a rabbit hutch is to make the frame. Cut as many 2 x 4s as needed to support the structure. Use the screws to secure the frame to the hutch.

Make the Legs

Typically, a rabbit hutch’s legs are 3 feet high. If you’re making a rabbit hutch for the first time, it’s best if you just use this height. You can make the legs higher later on.

Constructing the Roof

There are many ways to make a roof. The simplest is to cut some plywood and place it at the top of the cage. Alternatively you can attach the roof to the cage. Begin by measuring the width and length of the hutch.

Cut some wood according to the measurements you got. Get the drill. Put the hinges on. Secure them using the nails and screws. To build a rabbit hutch roof, you should drill holes in the frame. Now you can link the roof to the frame.

You can also put on some shingles. By nailing some to the roof, the hutch will be more visually attractive. At the same time, shingles can act as extra protection against rain. Shingles also protect the hutch and the rabbit against excessive heat.


A rabbit hutch needs to be cleaned regularly. You can use a pan to clean up debris and the dirt that accumulates. Replace the pan regularly. Clean the hutch as often as necessary. If dirt accumulates, the rabbit will get sick.

Before you build a rabbit hutch, you should look at some designs. There are many types to choose from. A trip to the local store will give you plenty of ideas. Most of the cage designs can be made using the procedures described earlier.


Always wear the goggles and gloves when cutting the wires. Be careful when you wrap and cut the wires. If it’s too difficult, you can always buy a pre-built rabbit cage. This will allow you to focus on just making the frames and supports.

The disadvantage is that you cannot customize the measurements. If you’re going to construct every piece, double check the wires and hinges.

After you build a rabbit hutch, you can add whatever amenities you want. Again, cleaning of the cage regularly is necessary.

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