How to Car Repair

Learning to repair a car water pump is fairly easy because it only has a few moving parts. If there are problems with the water pump, you can check the following components.

Required Tools and Materials

Plastic container
Socket set
Water pump repair kit (should have bearings and seals)

Step 1

Check the bearings, as it could be the reason for the water pump trouble. You should examine the shaft that is hooked to the electrical fan blades. You may also want to assess the drive pulley. This is also hooked up to the pump.

Step 2

If there is play on the pulley and shaft, the pump has to be disassembled. The bearings have to be replaced.

Step 3

Another way to repair a car is to check the casing for leaks. Look in the water pump housing for water stains. If there is leaking in the drainage hole, you have to replace the seals. This is the best way to get the pump repaired.

How to Take Out the Water Pump

Step 1

Do not remove any component in the cooling system until the engine has completely cooled. Do not open the plug or radiator if the engine is still warm.

Step 2

The next step is to have the car battery disconnected. Remove all the fluids in the radiator. Unhook all the radiator hoses. Put the liquid in a container. Set it aside until you are ready to put them in the radiator again.

Step 3

Take out the fan assembly including the fan belt, shroud and fan. Unhook the fan electrical leads.

Step 4

Take out the pulley off the fan belt. This will help you get into the water pump.

Step 5

Use the socket wrench to take out the water pump off the engine mount.

Step 6

Replace the bearing and seals in the water pump housing.

Step 7

Replace the water pump and put the cooling system back together. Put in the radiator hoses, fan belt and the water pump in the reverse order you took them out. Put the fluid back in.

Step 8

Start the engine. Examine the pump for any leaks.

Tips and Warnings

Check your car manual; it may have info on how to deal with car water pump leaks. Follow any instructions indicated.

If you are having a hard time trying to repair a car water pump, you are better off buying a replacement. Many new water pumps are cheap and are easy to install.

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