How to Build a Loft

Many homes are problematic about space. Those who live in apartments or other small housing options need to think up ways on how to maximize the amount of space they have or else they would have to live with inconvenience.

Building a loft bed is one of the best solutions to the problem of space in a small bedroom. It allows an extra amount of space even with a full bedroom around.

What is a Loft?

A loft bed is a bed that has enough free space below it to be used for dressers, bookcases, shelves or even an extra bed. It is built upward so the space below can be reused.

More often than not, building a loft bed is done in DIY fashion because that is the best way to meet the specifications and requirements of the bedroom. Don’t worry, there are ways on how to build a loft easily. Aside from being an effective solution to the problem, it also promises an inexpensive alternative.

How to Build a Loft?

Before building a loft, you must first gather all the materials and tools that you will need for the project. You may choose to create a wooden or metal loft, depending on your budget and your requirements. Take it into consideration, however, that a wooden loft is easier to manage. It is also easier to build.

If you are building a wooden loft, you will need a piece of plywood, 2×6 boards, and 4×4 boards.

After gathering the materials, it is time to start the construction. First, take measurements. Measure the size of the box and the height of the loft. That will be your basis in cutting the wood.

The plywood will serve as the flooring and the sidings of the box for the mattress. The 2×6 boards will serve as posts for the box. Attach the boards to the plywood bottom by using drywall screws.

Next up, build the posts using the 4×4 boards. Cut the boards according to your desired height for your loft. Set the posts in their designated positions then lift the box so you could set it on top of the posts. Attach the posts to the box using lag bolts. That will help keep the bed sturdy and in place.

Lastly, build a ladder for your loft. Using wood slats, create a ladder that has slats, which are at least 10 inches apart. Attach the ladder carefully to the loft bed and ensure that it will keep anyone from being stranded.

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