How to Build a Sailboat

There are many types of sailboats and they vary in size. However, the method you use to build a sailboat is pretty much the same.

Required Tools and Materials

Tape measure
6 to 12 clamps
Spar varnish
Circular saw
Fiberglass tape
Marine paint
2 paint brushes
Epoxy putty
Table saw
Epoxy resin
Marine plywood

Step 1

Design the sailboat. You can draw one on paper or you can make one on the computer. Make sure the plan includes the dimensions of the sailboat parts. This is very important as this will be your guide during the construction process.

Step 2

Get the plywood and mark the measurements you made on it. The plywood will be used to make the bottom deck and the sides. Draw the measurements and marks for the mast, boom and bulkhead.

Step 3

To build a sailboat, cut the areas off with your circular saw. To touch up light or tight corners, use the jigsaw.

Step 4

Sand the plywood pieces after you cut them. Keep sanding until the corners are smooth.

Step 5

Gather the pieces. Place a couple of the two plywood parts on top of the workhorse. Saw the bulkhead frame. Sand the piece. Next you have to bend the plywood around the bulkhead.

Step 6

Hook up the plywood pieces’ fronts end to end. Put epoxy on it. Clamp the pieces. These make up the sides of your sailboat. Clamp the boards and put 3 epoxy coatings on the sides. Give it time to dry.

Step 7

Put on the bottom plywood piece. Put some epoxy putty in the seams. Smooth the bottom part. Round out the wood corners. Apply another layer of epoxy.

Step 8

Install a boom to the mast at the gooseneck. You can use a light wood piece when making the mast. You can also make a hollow box mast. Fuse the boom wood piece on to the mast. Sand the mast. Put a
couple of spar varnish coats on the mast.

Step 9

You are almost finished. Now you can apply some house paint, acrylic semi gloss or marine paint. Painting the wood will protect the sailboat from fungi, rot and wear and tear. Once it is dry, you can put some spar varnish on the boat. Allow it to dry.

The final step to learn how to build a sailboat is to put the sail on. The sail material should be unbleached fabric. Fasten the sail to the mast, gooseneck and boom. Your sailboat is finished.

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