How to Build Your Muscles

How to Build Your Muscles

The human body will naturally build more muscle if one engages in strenuous activity. It is your body’s response to such stimuli. This simply means that if your daily activities do not include any form of vigorous activity then you shouldn’t expect to build any muscles soon. The steps on how to build your muscles naturally won’t guarantee results overnight. But doing things naturally builds your muscles efficiently and quickly.

Necessary Equipment to Build Your Muscles

It is a fact that in order to get the most out of your workout you should get access to the equipment in a gym. If not then you will need some home equipment and some weights. Using such equipment will ensure that your work out will be the fastest and most efficient way to gain muscle mass.

Now, if you can’t afford to purchase a set of weights for yourself or you can’t allot any time for the gym then you can just make use of homemade weights made out of containers that you will find in your house. These improvised weights are rather easy to make and also quite easy to store when they’re no longer needed.

Warm Up Exercises to Build Your Muscles

For starters, especially for those who haven’t done any workout in a while, you may want to do some cardio exercises. You can run if you like or hop on a bike just to get your heart rate up. Your warm up should take around ten to 15 minutes.

Work on Individual Muscles

The next step to build your muscles after warm up is to decide which muscles you are going to work on in your routines. You have to decide which equipment is best suited for your selected workout. You basically will have to choose between free weights and machines. Some body builders like to work on their biceps and back in one session and then chest and triceps in another workout session.

After selecting the muscles or muscle groups you want to focus on for one workout session, you should also select the weights your will use. Make sure that the weights you will use will be quite comfortable but gives your muscles a bit of a challenge. For starters, you might want to start with 15 repetitions for every weight you select for your session.

After finishing your first step you will have to step things up and add more weights to the ones you are already lifting. However, now that you have intensified the weight of the iron you’re pumping, you’ll have to reduce the amount of repetitions you’ll make. If you started with 15 repetitions, you might want to turn it down to just 10 to 12 repetitions per set. The number of repetitions should go down as the weight you lift goes up. You then finish off with cool down exercises and be off with the rest of your day.