How to Build a Bird House For a Cardinal

How to Build a Bird House For a Cardinal

You only need a few simple tools to start building a bird house for Cardinals. Proceed to the instructions once you have the necessary supplies.

Required Tools and Materials

Wire cutters
Fabric scraps (cotton recommended)
Feathers (no dye)
Wire (plastic coated)
Cleaner (non toxic)
Bird wire cage
Bird house support (i.e., branch about 5 to 8 ft above ground)

Step 1

Look for an ideal tree branch. It should be far away from human activity. The branch needs to be no lower than five feet. If there isn’t a branch available, you can make a support or post. The maximum height should be 8 ft.

Step 2

To start building a bird house for Cardinals, clean the bird wire. You can use the non toxic cleaner. Wash and let it dry. When it is dry, put the twigs and wool below the wire cage. Put the fabric and feathers under the cage.

Note: it’s crucial that you employ the wire cage. This will prevent the Cardinal from thinking the nesting is enclosed. By making sure the bird cage is open, there will be that open feeling the birds like when nesting.

Step 3

Slice a 2” wire. Wrap this all around the door of the bird cage. Set it up so that the door doesn’t close inadvertently.

Step 4

If building a bird house for Cardinals, you must cut some wire lengthy enough to go over the branch you chose. Run it over the top of the cage. Fasten and twist the ends. When it’s tight you can set the Cardinal house in place.

Making a Support for the Bird House

If you need to make a post, cut some lumber. Make it at least 5 ft high. When the bird house is finished, you can fasten the wires on the lumber. You can also attach the bird house to a wall. Just make sure the bird house is stable.

Tips and Warnings

You can use other types of fabric materials when building a bird house for Cardinals, but natural ones are ideal for these birds. The size of the bird house is up to you. If there are many Cardinals in your area, consider making several bird houses.

Keep in mind that Cardinals are drawn to places with shrubs and also trees. Try planting these to attract the birds. If these are present already, you should place the bird house in it.

Again, the most important thing to remember is the bird house needs to be set far away from humans. No matter how well made the bird house is, the Cardinals won’t go there if there are too many people.

Be careful when using the wire cutters. You also need to make sure the cleaner has no toxins. A toxic cleaner may kill the birds.

It’s easy to start building a bird house for Cardinals. As long as you put it in the right place, you can expect the birds to nestle in the bird house you made.