How to Build a Deer Stand

Many hunters use a deer stand as it can deflect the human scent away. It will also keep you out of sight. If you know how to build a deer stand, your hunting area will also expand.

Required Tools and Materials

10 penny nails
16d galvanized nails
1" x 6" boards
2" x 4" boards
Four 2" x 6" boards

Step 1

Verify with the local authorities if it is all right to set up a deer stand. Most of the time, the deer stand can only be used on a temporary basis.

Step 2

Pick a tree. It has to be healthy and robust. There should also be a notch when a couple of limbs make a V shape.

Step 3

Now you can make the platform. Make sure that is set on the ground. Make it 7 feet wide. Create the platform frame using 4 2 x 6 boards.

Step 4

The next step to learning how to build a deer stand is to assemble the flooring base. Nail the 2 x 4 boards onto the frame you made. Hammer the 2 x 4s every couple of feet. These joists should run across the whole length of the frame.

Step 5

After you make the frame, join it to the platform. Nail them to the tree with the 16d nails.

Step 6

Set the flooring on the platform with the 1 x 6 boards. Make sure there is some spacing so water will drain easily. This will keep the platform from rotting. Make sure to apply on the ends the 10 penny nails. Set them only on the ends; this is to make it flexible.

Step 7

Connect two beams on both sides of the tree limbs. This will brace the platform. Hoist up the platform. If necessary, get someone to help you. For additional support, you should brace the corners of the platforms.

Step 8

Join a ladder to the platform. Do not attach the ladder on the tree. If you want to put railings on, it has to be at least a couple of feet high.

Tips and Warnings

It is best to set up the deer stand a month or so before hunting season starts. Setting it up during hunting season will scare them. Load your weapon after you get to the platform.

After you learn how to build a deer stand, you can start making one and using it. But do not forget to use a safety belt or a harness.

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