How to Build Wind Generator

How to Build Wind Generator

When people speak of wind generators, they usually think of the large machines used for generating power. However, you can also build a wind generator for use at home.

Required Tools and Materials

Large piece of wood
Pipe bracket
Rectangular piece of plastic or metal
2 pieces of two-by-four
Cogs, one large, one small
Metal rod
Metal disk
PVC pipe

Step 1

Make the blades with the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping. Saw the pipe quarters lengthwise. Make four blades of equal lengths. Saw the pipes in a diagonal manner from corner to corner. Make the blades 20 inches long. The blade should be thick.

Step 2

Screw the blades to a circular steel disc. Space the blades evenly when you build a wind generator. Put a metal pole in it. Ensure the fit is tight so the pole will rotate when the blades turn. Put a big cog on the other end. The cog must be bigger than the disc.

Step 3

Get a 2 x 4 longer than the large cog. Drill a hole in the center. Make it large enough so the pole moves about easily. Put washers on the pole. This will keep the blades from moving too far from the wood.

Step 4

Get a 2 x 4 a yard long. Screw the first 2 x 4 onto this one so they are set at right angles. Connect the alternator behind these pieces. Hook up a small cog onto the alternator’s head. Put plastic sheeting on the cogs and alternator.

Step 5

Fasten a rectangular metal piece on the end of the 2 x 4. This will function as the tail and set the blades in the proper direction.

Step 6

Drill a hole behind the alternator. It should be large enough for the wires to go through. Secure the pipe bracket under the hole on the wood’s other side. Put a small pipe in the bracket. Run the wires down the pipe.

Step 7

Use a large piece of wood to make the generator base. Fasten the pipe bottom on the base.

Step 8

Set the wires from the battery to the pipe. Hook up the negative and positive wires to the battery. Put the battery in a weather resistant place. You can put it on a shed for instance.

If you are going to build a wind generator, know that you can use a bicycle wheel instead of cogs. Put a belt around the alternator head and around the wheel. This will work like the cogs.