How to Build a Tree House

How to Build a Tree House

Few things bring back memories of childhood quite like a tree house. If you want to build a tree house for the kids, here is how to do it.

Required Tools and Materials

Quick dry cement
Paint, varnish or shellac
Wood glue
Nails and hammer
Hole digger

Step 1

Select a tree that is well rooted and very strong.

Step 2

First you have to measure the length of the tree house legs. Make sure to measure the length and width of the platform. Get the size of the boards now.

Step 3

Cut the wood so you have three 2x4s longer than the tree legs. For the platform, get four 2x4s.

Step 4

Dig a hole 2 feet deep where the legs will be set. Pour cement in the holes. Let it dry overnight.

Step 5

The next step to build a tree house is to frame the platform. Nail three of the platform sides together. Keep the side open. Set it on the part that is functioning as your leg. Nail this into position.

Step 6

Conceal the platform with the slats. Nail the slats on the platform�s top. Cut off the boards so it can house the tree trunk that is being used as one of its legs.

Step 7

Get the sandpaper and use it to smooth out any rough corners and edges. When it is smoothed out, apply paint, shellac or varnish.

Step 8

It is a good idea to test the tree house first. Put sandbags into the tree house. Make it as heavy or heavier than the payload. If the tree house holds up after two days of testing, it should be fine. Don�t forget to affix a ladder to the tree house.

Picking the Right Tree

The branch thickness and height should be your primary consideration. For a child�s tree house, choose a tree that is no more than 10 feet high from the ground. Ensure the branches are strong enough to carry the weight of the structure. Four long branch attachments of oak, fir, maple and other strong trees are suitable.

Tips and Warnings

Check with the local building codes for information. In some cases it will be necessary to get permits to build it. Make sure you keep the movement of branches to a minimum.

The steps needed to build a tree house are simple, but you need to make sure the measurements are correct. This is essential to getting the tree house right.