How to Build a Go Kart

Before you learn how to build a Go Kart, remember that you can get the components in junkyards. The dimensions specified here are for kids. Just make it bigger if an adult will be riding on it.

Required Tools and Materials

Axle mounts/brackets
4x bushes or wheel bearings
Lawn mower gas tank
Lawn mower engine
Steering wheel
4x Go Kart wheels / braking assembly
3 ½ feet ¾" hardened steel bar
4 feet ½ mild steel bar
3 x 4 feet aluminum sheet
Bucket seats
40 feet ¾" water pipe

Step 1

Cut the 40 ft pipe (call it frame A). Chop it into 2 x 3 feet and 2 x 6 parts. Fuse the corners using pipe elbow joints. Weld it.

Step 2

Connect the 4 1/2′ x 3′ aluminum sheet onto frame A.

Step 3

Get the 3 ft pipe. Connect on the elbow a couple of 1 ½ ft parts onto its end. Weld it. This is frame B. Now weld the frame 2 ½ ft at one end of frame A.

Step 4

Grab the 4 feet ½ mild steel bar. Drill a hole on the front pipe measuring 5/8”. Connect the bar on the hole onto frame B. Hook up a steering wheel onto it.

Step 5

Connect the front wheels using the stubby axels. Weld this to an angle on the steering shaft. Connect this to the axels by way of a universal type joint. Connect the brake assemblies and front wheels, foot or hand brake.

Step 6

The next step to learn how to build a Go Kart is to connect a bicycle cog to the middle of the rear axle.

Step 7

Weld a couple of bucket seats just behind the steering wheel.

Step 8

Connect 5 x 3 feet pipe pieces (frame C). Weld three of these to frame A. The welding should be behind the bucket seats. Brace frame C to frame B using the other two parts.

Step 9

Get a lawn mower engine with a bicycle sprocket at its drive shaft. Connect this to frame A by welding supports. Make sure it is aligned to the cog. Connect the throttle cab to a pedal.

Step 10

Connect a gas tank to frame C. This should be over the engine. Apply tubing for the gas. Join a bicycle chain between the rear axle and the engine. Fill the gas tank.

The final step to learning how to build a Go Kart is to prime the engine. Get someone to push the vehicle. This will start the Go Kart.

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