How to Build Steps

Learning how to build steps seems like a challenging prospect. But while the job takes a while to perform, it is very rewarding.

Required Tools and Materials

Framing Square
Wood planks
Tape Measure

Step 1

Check the local building code for the proper step sizes. Follow it so your stairs will be legal, comfortable and safe.

Step 2

Next, get familiar with the jargon. The stringers are the sloped boards along the steps’ sides. These stringers also function as the support for the treads. The treads is where you step on. The risers refer to the boards that people may hit if they step forward too much.

Step 3

The first step to learning how to build steps is to determine the rise. Do this by calculating the stairs’ height in inches from bottom to top.

If the flooring has a slope, set a board where the stairs’ top will connect to where the bottom step will terminate. Get the measurement from that board’s end. Divide the result by seven inches.

Round that figure to the nearest whole number. That will give you the steps needed. To get each step’s rise, divide the height by the number of steps.

Step 4

Next you need to get the run. This will determine how long the stairs have to be. Multiply the steps using the tread’s horizontal depth. The figure will be ten inches at least.

Step 5

Spot the stringer tread notches using the square. Make sure you include the wood thickness and not just the tread space.

Step 6

Slice the stringer notches. If needed, cut the treads and risers to the right size.

Step 7

Join the stringers on the stairway bottom and top. At the bottom step, secure the risers to the stringers. You can use screws and glues for this task. Next, secure the stringers on the treads. Screw through the risers’ rear. This will tighten the tread and riser connection.

Tips and Warnings

The most important thing to remember when making steps is the calculation. Choosing the wrong height and width will make the steps uncomfortable and even dangerous. That is why it is important to check the local building codes in your area.

If you are just learning how to build steps, be certain to measure the area you plan to build the stairs in. This is important especially when trying to set the stairway length. Be certain there is enough room for it.

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