How to Build a Trailer

It’s not that hard to build a trailer, and it is much cheaper than buying a new one. Follow the instructions below so you can start making a trailer with an open top.

Required Tools and Materials

Trailer lights
Power drill
Box of nuts and bolts
16 L brackets
2 x 4s
Base trailer

Step 1

Start by determining the dimensions of the trailer. When you get the figures, buy the lumbers. Procure a bit more than the required lumber. It will cost more but it’s better to have a few extra lumbers in case they’re needed. Prepare all the plywood and the tools.

Step 2

To build a trailer, get the plywood baseboards. Bolt them to the metal components of the trailer. These usually have metal rods into which the baseboards can be installed. Proceed only when all the baseboards are bolted in. When it’s done, move on to the next step.

Step 3

Now you can work on the trailer sides. Get the screws and screwdrivers. Fasten one end to the baseboard and the other to the sidewalls. This step is important; it will prevent the structure from collapsing.

For this trailer, you only need 5 inches of sideboards. If you’re going to build a trailer that goes beyond the basics, bigger sideboards will be necessary.

Step 4

Now it’s time to connect the walls. You’ll need the L brackets for this task. You will utilize one end on each of the sideboards and link them to each other. You also need to fasten the boards on the baseboards as well.

Step 5

Check that all the L brackets and bolts are fastened on tight. Don’t put anything on the trailer until you’re sure everything is tight. Note: you will need to fasten the bolts every couple of months or so.

Step 6

The final step to build a trailer is to install the lights. Attach them to the back of the trailer. Install the wiring so it plugs into the truck’s trailer light. Test the lights to see if it’s working.

Tips and Warnings

Make the trailer as big as you need it to be. You don’t want something too small, but creating an excessively large trailer will make your work harder. Inspecting your trailer regularly is a must.

Even if you build it right, the components will be subject to wear and tear. If the state / city law requires the trailer to be subjected to their tests, follow the rules. Even if there’s no such rule, have it inspected anyway.

It’s easy enough to install the wiring. But if you don’t know how to install them, have someone do it for you. Before you make a trip, check both the trailer and the truck. They both need to be in good condition.

As you can see, a few simple tools and wood boards are all that’s needed to build a trailer. With regular maintenance, it will be able to serve you for many years.

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