How to Build Self Esteem

 Self esteem is how you see yourself and should be based on your own perception not of other people’s opinion of who you are. Unfortunately, a lot of people have low self esteem which basically stems from caring too much about what other people think of them.

A good self esteem can have a great impact on your life, particularly in your relationships with colleagues, friends, family members and your romantic partner. 

How to Build Self Esteem

A good self esteem helps build relationships, low self esteem can have the opposite effect. It can ruin relationships not to mention negatively impact your life in general.
1. Make a list. First, make a list of your strengths. See the areas in your life where you’re really good at. Next, make a list of your weaknesses. What parts of your personality and your life you feel need changing?
Attack your weaknesses head-on and look at these as challenges that you need to overcome instead of obstacles that deter you from living up to your full potential.
2. Own up to your limitations. Know that you can’t be everything to everyone and you can’t do everything on your own. There would be times when you would need the help of someone and there would be times when you simply can’t do certain things.
Do not look at these as your shortcomings or as things that people won’t like about you. Everyone has their own limits and this includes you.
3. Learn to say “No.” The fastest way to lose your self-esteem is to be a “people pleaser.” If you say yes to everything if it is against your belief or better judgment, you will be exhausted running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, trying to please everybody.
There are times when you need to put your foot down and say no, even if you know that your refusal to do something for someone may hurt them. Stand-up for what you believe in and don’t say yes when you really want to say no.
4. Celebrate yourself. Take pride in your victories, no matter how small they seem to be. Every victory is cause for celebration and you should take the time to acknowledge that you did a good job on something.
Make a small ceremony even if it means doing something as simple as watching your favorite movie or having coffee with friends. The point is to acknowledge your victory in some way. 
5. Stay away from negative people. Negativity begets negativity which could ultimately lead to a bleaker view on life which in turn would result to low self esteem.


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