How to Install Floating Wood Floors

How to Install Floating Wood Floors

Installing floating wood floors is actually much simpler than other types of flooring. If you haven?t tried it yet, these step by step instructions will show you how.

Required Tools and Materials

Finish nails
Rubber mallet
Pry bar
Miter saw
Concrete fasteners
Floating wood flooring material

Step 1

If the base flooring is comprised of wood or linoleum, you can start putting the floating wood over it. If it?s made of cement, put ?? thick plywood over it. Secure it to the concrete by using the fasteners.

Note: before you go about installing floating wood floors, determine how much material is required. Multiply the area?s width and length. Add 10% to the total and you have the right figure.

Step 2

Put a layer of foam flooring on the surface. Nail the foam to the base floor. If the floating wood floor already has foam, ignore this step.

Step 3

Now you can start putting on the flooring. Start on the lengthiest wall in the room. Make sure the plank?s tongue side is oriented to the wall. Put a ?? gap between the flooring and wall. This is necessary as wood widens depending on climate conditions.

Step 4

Link the planks by putting the tongue in the groove of the nearest board. Press until they snap together. As you?re installing floating wood floors, use the mallet to tap the sides. This ensures the pieces are well connected. Be sure you stagger the joints for the rows.

Step 5

Have the miter saw ready in case any piece needs to be cut. If you?re going to install the smaller pieces too, scatter them around. Stacking them in one section is unsightly.

Step 6

When you get to the final row, use the pry bar to set it in place. You can use the baseboards to hide the expansion joints. Fasten them every six inches with the nails.

Tips and Warnings

Problems with installing floating wood floors can be avoided if the base floor is flat. Before installing any pieces, remove any nails, rugs or other objects on the floor. When you put in the foam, don?t forget to take off the sticky tape. The foam is important as it makes the floor more comfortable to walk on.

Work one row at a time. This will help you produce a more polished and professional look. Be patient when putting in the flooring; these come in various sizes, so use the saw to make it fit.

When you get to the end of one row, start the next row by heading back to the first piece. Interlock the new row piece there. You can also add a fishing trim by the wall base when you?re done.

If you cut some wood, sweep the area after you?re done. When returning the furniture, don?t slide it on the floor; carry it to the desired spot.

Installing floating wood floors is really a straightforward procedure. As long as you make the right measurements, the installation process won?t be a problem.