How to Build a Home Studio

With music editing software widely available and affordable, it has become easier to build a home studio. However you need more than just the right software to make an honest to goodness studio.

Required Tools and Materials

Music equipment (for creation and editing)
Glass windows
Design sketches

Step 1

Decide where the studio will be located. It can be any room in the house but consider using the basement if you need a lot of space. When you decide on the place, get its dimensions. It will help you determine how much equipment you can put in. It will also help you calculate the flooring and wall materials you need to buy.

Step 2

To build a home studio, begin by insulating the floor and the walls. Now it’s time to consider sound proofing and acoustics. You need high quality sound but you can’t afford to bother the other people in the house (and your neighbors). One way is to install cushions for the walls.

Step 3

For the windows, you have several options. These include bullet proof glass, 6mm glass or double / triple glazed glass. Measure the size of your windows and order the glass material of your choice. You can also have professional services construct sound proof walls for you. When you have the parts, install and nail them in the proper spots.

Step 4

Do not neglect the doors when you build a home studio. They need to be thick enough to absorb the sound. Fire doors are good options. If you’re building the studio from the ground up, install the fire door. If not, you’re going to have to replace your old door before installing the fire door.

Step 5   

When the studio is built, set aside sections for mixing, producing and creating the tracks. The equipment to get is up to you. However you should always get cardiod microphones; computer microphones are not good enough.

Other basic tools are headphones and speakers. Read some reviews on the Net so you can get an idea of what’s out there. Budget is always an issue but low quality products could cost you more in the long run.

Step 6

After you build a home studio, you’ll need to choose the right production equipment. You can buy mixing boards or software like Adobe Audition. If you want to play an instrument, record it and use it on your song, get an interface that links to your computer. There are many types out there so look for one that fits your computer.

Tips and Warnings

Research is the key to getting the right walls, door and windows. It’s a good idea to sketch the studio’s layout so you know where to put all the components. Double check your measurements before you place an order for all the components. Be careful when installing the glass so you don’t cut yourself.

After you build a home studio, assemble all the equipment and tools. When everything is set up, you can start rehearsing and recording.

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