How to Install Carpet

How to Install Carpet

Not everyone will want to try and install a carpet. Some may thing of it as an overly disheartening task that is just too difficult to do alone. However, the fact is that it can be done by anyone at home. It just takes some patience to install one in your home. Here are a few pointers to help you get the job done yourself.

Required Tools

With a little planning and with the help of some tools that you can rent, you can install your own carpet at home. You’ll need the following pieces of equipment to get this job done. You’ll need a hammer, measuring tape, safety glasses, stapler, chalk line, stair tool, tackless strips, carpet knife/utility knife, knee kicker, power stretcher, seam cutter, work gloves, seam tape, and seam iron.

Steps to Install a Carpet

The first step to install a carpet is to gather and prepare all your tools. Next, you have to get your room ready. You can start by cleaning the floor. Remove all the debris and other materials that can produce lumps on your carpet when it’s installed. If you are quite capable, you may want to remove the doors that are in the way to make the installation a lot easier.

Install tackless strips on your room’s perimeter keeping them half an inch away from the walls. The tacks should point towards your room’s walls. Install the carpet underlay stapling them in place. Measure your room and add about four inches to your measurements. Layout the carpet in another workspace and mark your room’s measurements on it using chalk. Use your carpet knife to cut the carpet to the right lengths.

When you’re done, bring the carpet into the room. Using a seam cutter, cut through the pieces of carpet. Take pieces of seaming tape and place them under the carpet. Run a hot seam iron along the seams of the carpet. Next, using your knee kicker, attach the carpet to the tackles strips. Make sure that the carpet stretches over the tackles strip to hold the carpet in place.

Next, use an edge trimmer to trim the carpet’s edges. Use the power stretcher to fasten the tackless strips and attach the carpet on the sides of the room trimming away any excess material. Tuck the carpet under the baseboard using the stair tool. Remember to trim the carpet right at the doorway as well. Trim away at the doorway and don’t forget to install a door edge. Install shoe molding and cut vent openings. The steps to install a carpet will require some work and will be made easier if you use the proper tools.