How to Build an Aquarium

Having colorful fish in your home can enhance the ambience of any room. But for the fish to thrive, you must build an aquarium. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it seems.

Required Tools and Materials

Aquarium thermometer
Plants and decorations
Fish tank

Step 1

Decide what kind of fish you want to keep. This will influence the type of aquarium you must use. The general rule is to use a gallon of water per fish. It’s a good idea to get an aquarium with a lid.

Step 2

Put in 1 or 2 inches of substrate. There are several types of substrates, ranging from vividly colored stones to natural looking marbles.

Step 3

To build an aquarium, you must next add the filter. Majority of fish types will work with an exterior filter. If you are not sure, ask the store people so you can get the right model and size.

Step 4

Fill the aquarium with water until it is within two inches off the tank top. Begin the filter. Allow the tank to cycle for a few days. This will vary depending on the filter. Observe the water. It will
turn cloudy and clear up. The cycle is complete once this happens.

Step 5

You can now add any decorations or plants. There are many decorations to choose from like drift woods or colorful stones. You can also add several types of plants in the aquarium. Warning: do not cram the aquarium with too many decors. Put enough to enhance the scenery, not overwhelm the fish.

Step 6

Get an aquarium thermometer. Put this in only when the other components have been installed.

Step 7

Once everything has been installed, allow things to settle down. Let the aquarium run for a few days before you add the fish. This is necessary so the sediment added will be filtered out. It will also give you the chance to check if there are any problems.

Tips and Warnings

Ask the store people or do some research before getting an aquarium. There are many kinds of fish, and they thrive in various PH levels and water temperatures. The light levels will also affect the fish. Again, do not overcrowd the aquarium.

If you build an aquarium, make sure you put in only the right amount of fish. The store personnel will be able to tell you the right numbers based on the aquarium dimensions. Crowding the aquarium may overtax the system and cause problems.

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