How to Build a Wine Cellar

For wine collectors and aficionados, a wine cellar will be indispensible. You can build a wine cellar by using this guide.

Required Tools and Materials

Exterior door
6mm plastic sheeting
2 by 4 or 2 by 6 pieces of wood
Floor covering materials
Wall covering materials

Step 1

Choose a proper setting for the wine cellar. It must have enough ventilation. The temperature must also be controlled. Sunlight must be limited.

Step 2

Frame the cellar by using the 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 pieces. Make sure to follow the local building codes in your area.

Step 3

Put the vapor barrier in place. If you can, put the 6mm plastic sheeting on the ceiling and the outer walls. If you cannot reach the outer walls, wrap it on the ceiling and inner walls.

This will make certain the moisture remains out. This is crucial when you build a wine cellar. This will also keep the humidity at the right level.

Step 4

Put the insulation in place. You can use rigid foam insulation or fiberglass. Note: interior walls need R-13 while the outer walls need R-19. The ceiling requires R-19.

Step 5

Apply the chosen material for the wall. You can opt for groove wood, Tung, sheetrock or green board. If you prefer wood paneling, make sure the wood is resistant to rot. Cedar wood or red wood will be sufficient.

Step 6

After adding the walls, put the floor in. You can use slate, marble or tiles. Do not use carpet because it is susceptible to molding.

Step 7

Put the door in position. Be certain the door has weather stripping on all the sides. Put the threshold down. You can also sweep it.

Step 8

Install components that can maintain a specific humidity and temperature. These can be purchased online. The installation process will vary per product. Follow the instructions. Once this is finished, you can start putting the wines in the cellar.

Tips and Warnings

Before you start, get an idea of how much wine you plan to put in the cellar. Make sure you allocate space for other wines you will add to the cellar. Make sure you put just the right number of wine bottles. The amount of material required will vary depending on the area dimensions.

You can build a wine cellar in different ways, but the method outlined above is one of the simplest. What is important is to measure the area properly.

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