DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Just like other machines, an air conditioner also needs to be lubricated regularly in order to function smoothly. If not maintained properly, it can succumb to different kinds of damages as well as many other problems. Fixing it can be a moderately challenging task. However, with the proper information and all the necessary materials available to complete the job, it is easier to perform DIY air conditioner repair.

Materials Needed

Although the following steps cannot treat all kinds of damages affecting an air conditioner, doing this can somehow improve the performance of your unit at home. For this, you need small pliers with tape, an electrical tester and high-speed lubrication oil placed in a small dispenser. For safety purposes, it is important to have work boots, safety goggles and work gloves. In addition, bring in a Phillips and flat screwdriver.


Find the fuse box or house breaker of the air conditioner. Shut it off and then remove all the fuses first. Turn the thermostat off as well. After that, protect yourself by wearing work boots, work gloves and safety goggles. Get the electrical tester and then check the air conditioner for voltages. Be sure to check all over the device and that there is no more voltage running through it.

Remove the screws holding the top part of the grill onto the unit. Keep the screws in a safe place for later use. Slowly remove the grill because it can make the job more difficult. Be careful when moving because the fan blades are very sharp. Put the grill on top, giving you a better access to the motor and to the fan.

Look for the ports where lubricants are usually applied. At the sides of the fan motor, search for these small holes covered with plastic. Get the taped pliers and then use it to remove the lubrication port plugs. Be careful not to damage them. Slowly pour in some lubricant into the ports. Be patient and do this slowly.

After putting enough oil, put the plugs back in place. Get a rag and then use it to wipe away excess oil. Hold the blades and then try to spin them. Be careful so as not to be cut by their sharp edges. This way, the oil can spread all throughout the different parts of the motor. Slowly return the grill to its original place. Put the screws back tightly as well. Check if the unit holes line up with the grill holes.

Just to be sure, replace the old fuses with new ones. After that, you can now turn on the breakers once again. Turn it on and experience a better performance from your air conditioner. 

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

In case you are having a hard time lifting the fan motor and grill, it is good to request for some help. If the lubrication plugs are damaged, replace them with new ones right away. Never touch the internal parts of the air conditioner without checking first if there is any voltage left.

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