How to Build an Acoustic Guitar

This guide on how to build an acoustic guitar uses 36 x 24 inch sheets. The other tools required are listed below.

Required Tools and Materials

Guitar strings
Premade neck and bridge set
Lacquer or wood stain
Light sandpaper
A dozen wood braces
Two clamps
Wood glue
Two small blocks of hard wood
Drill and attachment
Band saw
3 wood sheets
Container full of boiling water

Step 1

Trace the shape of the body on two of the wood sheets. Cut the wood using the jigsaw. Clamp the wood sheets and run them on the saw at the same time.

Step 2

Saw a round hole close to the middle of the front piece. The bigger the hole, the more treble will be produced. If you want more bass, make a small hole.

Step 3

Saw a couple of wood pieces. Wrap them on the outer body. Put one wood piece in boiling water for fifteen minutes. Bend it to fit the body contours. Repeat this step until the shape fits the guitar body.

Step 4

To build an acoustic guitar, you have to glue the guitar sides onto the wood blocks. One will be on the bottom and the other on top. The blocks will be in the guitar. Clamp the sides that were glued.

Step 5

After the glue has dried, put brace on it.

Step 6

Put several notches on a long wood piece. Glue this piece on the side pieces close to the bottom and top of the side. Make sure you utilize enough glue. Let it dry.

Step 7

Glue the bottom and top pieces on to the guitar sides. Let the glue dry and then apply the sandpaper on the surface. You have finished the guitar body. All that is left are the finishing touches.

Step 8

Apply stain or lacquer on the guitar body.

Step 9

Install the premade neck and bridge. Follow the instructions on how to put the neck and bridge in place. Use the routing tool to make the groove. Install the neck using the wood glue. Follow the package instructions on how to attach the bridge.

Step 10

Attach the strings. Fine tune it as necessary, and you are done. You have finished making a guitar.

Tips and Warnings

Take your time when making the guitar. The instructions are easy to follow, but the building requires patience. Do not hurry the process.

When you build an acoustic guitar, make sure that you wear goggles and gloves. They are necessary to protect your hands from wood splinters and other debris.

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