How to Build a Chopper

Choppers are standard motorcycles that have been modified to make it lighter but more powerful. Using the tools and guide provided below, you can learn how to build a chopper easily.

Required Tools and Materials

Basic mechanic’s tool set
Motorcycle (i.e., Harley Davidson Sportster)
Chopper chassis and fork
Custom gas tank
Custom lights and controls

Step 1

First of all you need a motorcycle. The Sportster is popular because they are inexpensive. Another advantage is that the Sportster’s transmission and engine are combined. This makes the transformation easier.

Step 2

Get your mechanic’s tools out. Remove the transmission and engine from the frame. If necessary, have it rebuilt. If your bike is an 883cc, you may want to change it to a 1200cc. The 1200cc is the same as the 883cc but the pistons and cylinders are binger. They can also be upgraded more easily.

Step 3

To learn how to build a chopper, you must next get a frame kit. You have two choices: a complete rolling chassis and the bare frame with used fork. The latter is cheaper.

Step 4

Use the wrenches to remove the brakes, wheels and other components from the old bike. Install them in the frame you just bought. You may need to put in additional parts depending on your chopper design. Install the used fork if you did not get a rolling chassis.

Step 5

Install the controls, gas tank, transmission and engine. Add the lights and seats. If you plan on adding any extra accessories or parts, do it now.

Step 6

Double check the structure and make sure that everything is set up correctly. If all the components are in order, test drive it. Make sure you try out the lights and other components.

Step 7

If the parts are in order, you can have the bike painted. You can do this yourself or send it to a shop.

Tips and Warnings

There are now chopper kits available on the Net. While this is convenient, you cannot switch any components. Making a chopper requires plenty of space. Make sure your garage is clear of clutter. If you plan on making a lot of chippers, you might want to get a

Finally, it should be stated that learning how to build a chopper requires experience with a mechanic’s tools. If you have little experience handling these tools, consider getting an experienced person to help you. This will help you avoid mistakes or damaging the engines.

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