How to Fix an Old Bathroom Sink

Do you have problems with your old bathroom sink? Do you think that your sink is outdated? Are you interested in fixing and improving the appearance of your sink but you do not have enough money to pay for the serviceman? It is best if you learn how to fix an old bathroom sink easily and effectively.


If you like your sink to have a newer look, you can begin with replacing the faucet and the fittings. Choose a faucet that will match the color of your sink and the bathroom. It is also beneficial to purchase a faucet with an aerated spout. If the color of your sink is white and you want to clean it, just pour bleach on the sink and let it stand for several minutes.

Instead of rinsing it with water, just lay paper towels on the sink. If there are cracks on the sink, then you can paint the cracked areas with white. If you want to change the color of the sink, you need to reglaze or repaint it. Choose the color that will match with the color of the bathroom. After repainting the sink, apply gel coat to make the sink shinier and more attractive. For best results, sand the sink after the gel coat dries up.

Cleaning an Old Bathroom Sink

To clean the sink, you need a bucket of soap and water, a sponge, paper towels, chlorine bleach and plastic sheeting. In addition to these materials, you should have medium grit sandpaper, a silicone digester, a putty knife, drop cloths, a tile refinishing paint, primer paint, an acrylic urethane resin and a polymer resin.

Use the sponge and the soapy water to wash the sink. To clean the cracks, use a bristle brush and wipe it with paper towels. Remove rust stains by layering paper towels on the sink. Pour the bleach directly on the towels. Let the towels stay on the sink for three to five hours. Sand the sink before you paint it. Wash it with soapy water. Rinse with clean water.

Dry the sink before you paint it. If your sink is made from porcelain, spray 12 coats of paint on the sink. Wait for eight to 10 hours before coat it with polymer resin. If you cannot find polymer resin, you can use polyurethane paint instead. Seal it with a gel coat to make it shinier. Sand the edges of the sink to make it more attractive.

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