How to Build a Bbq Smoker

It’s true you can grill and make barbecues using gas or charcoal grills. But it is cheaper to build a BBQ smoker using gallon drums. It is also pretty easy to make.

Required Tools and Materials

Soldering gun
Chain link fence
BBQ grates
3 inch bolts
¼ inch drill bit
Garden hose
¾ inch drill bit
Tape measure
55 gallon drum

Step 1

Put the string around the drum. Use the tape measure to get the drum circumference. Divide the circumference by three. This will be the spacing for the ventilation openings. Space the holes uniformly about three inches off the bottom. Use the drill to make the ventilation holes.

Step 2

If you see a rubber gasket around the lid’s top, remove it with the screwdriver.

Step 3

Put wood in the drum and light it. This will eliminate substances that may be inside the drum. Ensure the fire is big enough it spews out from the top of the drum. Kill the fire when the wood is gone.

Step 4

Let the bucket cool. Wash it.

Step 5

Get the spacing for the bolts. You can do this by dividing the circumference in 4. The result is the distance of the holes. Choose an area seven inches under the drum’s top. To build a BBQ smoker, mark other bolt hole areas and drill them. Put the bolts in place. Screw them with the nuts.

Step 6

Hammer any sharp points with the hammer. Take an 18 inch BBQ grill. Attach four legs by using the washers.

Step 7

Set a chain link in a ring 18 inches high. Bolt them and solder it. Get the fire basket. Put it in the barrel. Add some fuel (charcoal or wood).

Step 8

Light the fuel and place the cooking grate on. You can now begin the barbecue.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when you set the fire. Do not get too near as it is shooting out of the drum. Wash the drum thoroughly before you proceed.

You should also be careful when using the drill and other power tools. Also make sure the measurements are correct before you drill the holes. The measurements are important.

Do not ignite the flame in the drum near flammable materials. This can be hazardous and may cause accidents.

After you build a BBQ smoker, you can start grilling your favorite food. One of the advantages of making your own smoker is you can get more flavors out of it.

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