Metal Cutting Tools

There are several types of metal cutting tools, and it is important that you choose the right one. Using the wrong tool could lead to injury or a cracked blade. If you are going to work on metal, some knowledge of these tools will be necessary.


The hacksaw is one of the most widely used metal cutting saws today. It has a thin blade on the bottom and a rectangular frame. Hacksaws are capable of cutting steel pipes.

Jig Saw

The jig saw can also be used to slice through metal. Many are handheld and there are also electrical versions available.

Cold Saw

The cold saw or circular saw usually runs at low speeds. This prevents the steel from getting too hot. The circular blades are either high speed steel or tungsten carbide tipped.

Aside from metal, the circular saw can be used for cutting wood masonry and plastic. It is able to cut through metal using an electrical motor and abrasive blade. The circular saw blade is also known as a cut-off disc.

Band Saw

The band saw is a large metal cutting tool. The band saw may be horizontal or vertical. This tool is more suited for a seasoned metal cutter.

Oxy-fuel Torches

Torches can also be used for cutting the metal. The torch employs oxygen and heat to cut the metal. Iron oxide is formed when the metal attains high temperatures, melting the cut portion.

Angle Grinder

The angle grinder uses an abrasive spinning blade to cut metal. The angle grinder blade is perpendicular relative to the grinder’s body. The grinder blade orientation permits the operator to slice in a pressing forward manner. The tool can be used for cutting in hard to reach spots. Most grinder blades do not go beyond five inches in diameter.

Reciprocal Saw

The reciprocal saw is used for cutting wire, rebar, metal studs and nails. The blades are flexible and thin. This makes the blades handy when working on metal boards.

Cut-off Saw

This is the industry equivalent of the circular saw. The cut-off saw can be fitted with different blades. Various blades can be used for cutting concrete and thick metal.

The blades are usually 10 to 12 inches in diameter. These blades have internal combustion engines. They are often used for demolition and large scale projects.

The metal cutting tools are used in different ways. Make sure you study the manual before using it. Wear the appropriate safety gear before you use any of them.

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