How to Build a Wine Rack

A wine rack is necessary for anyone who likes to collect wines. There are several ways to build a wine rack. These instructions are for making a rack made from wood.

Required Tools and Materials

Tung oil
Scrap wood
Cherry wood, one 1 inch x 6 inch x 2 ft piece and one 1 inch x 4 inch x 8 ft
Orbital sander
Drum sander
Hole saw
Drill press
Dado set
Safety goggles
Carpenter’s pencil
Tape measure
Table saw

Step 1

Saw a couple of wood pieces 6 inch by 12 inch wood pieces. Cut the 4 in wood so it is 3 inches wide. Slice it into 3 x 24 cross rails.

Step 2

Make notches on the panels. Each cross section should have four. These will be used to fasten the end panels and rails together. Put the dado between the saw. Chop the dados.

Step 3

Put on a wood piece with sandpaper attach to its front. This will prevent the wood from sliding off. Clamp a stop block on this piece. This way, the wood piece can be set precisely in the same place. The result will be similar dado cuts.

Step 4

To build a wine rack, score the dados on the cross-rails. Cut on the end panels too. You may stack these over each other. You can also place one part over the other. The choice is up to you.

Step 5

Cut partial circles with the drill press. This will be for the bottles’ bases and necks. Slice the arches using a hole saw. Make sure the hole saw is attached to the drill press when you do this. A partial hole should be made with the drill press.

Step 6

Choose a hole saw that is larger than the neck diameter and wine body. Create the arches. This will be used to hold the wine body. Select a smaller hole saw. This is for the wine bottle semi circles.

Step 7

Smooth the edges using the drum sander. The drum sander is connected to the drill press. If the surface is flat, use the orbital sander.

Step 8

Put on numerous tung oil coating. Apply generous amounts. Let the material sit for a few minutes. Wipe the excess oil off. The wine rack is now finished.

When you build a wine rack, do not allow the oil to dry. Otherwise it will feel sticky. You can put the pieces together when they have dried up. This wine rack can store 15 bottles.

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