How to Hang Drywall

How to Hang Drywall

If you want to hang drywall on a wall, it is best to get the following equipment ready. This will help you work quicker.

Required Tools and Materials

Sawhorses (for the tools)
Drywall hammer
Drywall screws

Step 1

Mark the spots where the wall studs are on the floor and ceiling. This will make it easier to nail.

Step 2

Slice the drywall according to the needed dimensions.

Step 3

You can put the drywall in two ways: horizontal or perpendicular. Horizontal patterns involve putting two sheets over each other. This will span the ceiling and floor. The perpendicular pattern has a single sheet going from floor to ceiling. The horizontal method is easier because less butt joints are needed.

Step 4

Before you hang drywall on a wall, put scrap drywall parts on the floor by the wall. Position the first row of drywall over these parts. Place the drywall on the wall based on the measurements you made. Take the scraps off the floor when the drywall has been put in place. This space will let you work with other floor designs.

Step 5

Tap some nails on the drywall top. This will keep the material in place while you work.

Step 6

Grab the drywall with your hand. Screw or hammer the nails in the drywall. Make sure you hammer on the studs you marked.

Step 7

Keep nailing the drywall on the studs you marked. Space each nail by about eight inches. You can also use screws rather than nails.

Step 8

Put the next row of drywall above the first. Secure the drywall in the same manner you did the first one. Add as many rows of drywall as needed. Remember, get rid of the drywall scraps you placed earlier on the floor.

Tips and Warnings

Walls with average heights can handle a couple of sheets with a space of ½ inch. When you hang it, make sure the gap is on the floor. Gaps on the floor can be hidden by a baseboard. To push the drywall bottom piece to the top, you can use a big screwdriver set on a block of wood.

Remember that you can set the corner beads in place after the drywall has been hung. This is not necessary in some cases, but check the building codes. Some will allow you to hang using nails only, while others permit only screws.

You can learn how to hang drywall on a wall quickly. The project also doesn’t take too much time, and you can do this by yourself without too much trouble.