How to Build a Computer From Scratch

How to Build a Computer From Scratch

Desktop computers give computer users a wider set of options when it comes to hardware and parts. Another fact that you might have heard about is that hardware parts have become more affordable. With these kinds of things going on, people tend to wonder just what it takes to build a computer from scratch. Here are a few pointers to do just that.

Parts You Will Need

To build a computer from scratch you will need to buy the following components and parts: Computer case and power supply, DVD ROM drive, Hard Drive, Motherboard, RAM, CPU with fan, Video Card, Monitor, Operating System installer DVD, Speakers, Mouse, and Keyboard. You don’t have to buy something top of the line if you don’t want to. You may even just get the parts that will best fit your needs.

Purchasing the Parts

With your little market list above you can walk into a computer store and show them the list of parts you will need. They will even give you several options depending on your budget and needs. You may just get the mid-range models as long as they cover what you need. Remember that the top of the line equipment really costs more.

Working on the Board

The first step you will be doing is to mount the CPU onto the motherboard. The packaging can come with directions on how to do this. After that you will mount the RAM into their designated slots. You will then attach the motherboard to the case that has the power supply on it.

Once the board is mounted attach the power cords for the motherboard from the leads coming from the power supply. You then hook up the DVD drive and the hard drive into the case and plug the cables running from the board to the said drives. You may either use IDE or SATA cables and power cables for the said devices.

Next, mount the video card on its designated slot. Follow the instructions on how to mount this part and other components as well. Plug the cables for the front panel, LED lights, and USB ports for the bezel. You may now attach the other expansion cards that you will need if any.

Working with Peripherals

The next step to build a computer from scratch is to close the case and put screws on the cover. You then plug all peripheral devices such as the mouse and keyboard, monitor, speakers, and other devices you have with you.

Installing Your Operating System

You then hook the computer to a power outlet, a surge protector, or UPS then turn it on to run it for the first time. You will then see your computer power on and search for an operating system. Your next step from here is to install your selected operating system from the installation disk. And that’s basically what you need to build a computer from scratch.