How to Build a Grow Box

You can buy a grow box in many stores, but a customized one is often the best solution. If you want to know how to build a grow box, you can try and make one using these instructions.

Required Tools and Materials

Portable lamp timer
2 light bulbs
2 socket plug adaptors
Box cutter
Duct tape
Small extension cord
Hot glue gun
Needle-nose pliers
Phillips screwdriver
Desktop PC case
A container of water

Step 1

Unscrew the left side panel of the PC case. Remove the contents of the case; CD ROM drive, motherboard, hard disk, power supply, everything. PC cases may use different screw types. Make sure you have assorted screw sizes around.

Step 2

Drill an opening on the case’s top. It should be big enough for the extension cord to pass through.

Step 3

Use a box cutter to cut the Styrofoam. Cut enough pieces to cover the sides of the computer case. Glue these pieces to the PC case. This will provide insulation.

Step 4

Place the extension cord’s socket side in the drilled opening you made. Set the extension cord’s plug end in an electrical outlet. You can connect it later as you build a grow box.

Step 5

Let the cord in the case hang an inch off the top. Cut a bit of duct tape. Tape the cord on the outside of the case. This ensures the length of the extension cord will not change.

Step 6

Link a socket plug adaptor in the extension cord’s sockets. Fasten a light bulb in the socket plug adaptor.

Step 7

Get the extension cord plug by the electric wall outlet. Plug it in. Connect it to a lamp timer. Line up the lamp timer to the outlet on the wall. This lets you monitor the light used in the grow box.

Step 8

Put a container of water and the plant in the box. Now you can close the left side panel of the case. Turn on the timer.

Tips and Warnings

Do not crowd the case with too many seeds or plants. Make sure there is space for them to grow. Take care of the plants in the box as you would those in the garden. If you don’t have a PC case, you can make a box using wood.

Knowing how to build a grow box lets you manage plants regardless of the time and weather. Since the commercial grow boxes are costly, it makes sense to just build one.

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