Tree Patching

These tree patching instructions are for the dogwood tree, but it should be applicable to most other trees as well. The key to success lies in how early you are able to patch the tree. The earlier the patch job, the greater are the chances of the tree making a recovery.

Required Tools and Materials

Paint brush
Tree paint (can be bought in garden centers)
Rubbing alcohol
Hand saw

Step 1

Get the knife and cut the area around the exposed part of the dogwood tree. Make sure to remove any mold that is present. The inner part of the tree may be exposed in a cut at the bark, a split between the branch and the tree or a broken branch.

Step 2

Before proceeding with the tree patching instructions, discard the splinters from deceased branches with the saw. In particular, get rid of the decayed parts. These can appear when strong winds blow.

Step 3

Get a rug and put some rubbing alcohol on it. Place it on the damaged component of the tree. It will destroy bacteria or mold that could appear.

Step 4

Put a coat of tree paint around the wounded section. Use the paint brush for this job.

Step 5

Check the injured part regularly. If there are cracks in the paint, apply another layer. If decay is setting in the part you treated, slice a bigger section of the tree. Repeat the sterilization and painting process again.

Caring for the Dogwood Tree

Well cared for, the tree can reach heights of 15 to 30 feet. If you just planted the tree, make sure it is watered regularly. Ensure the root systems are saturated in the first couple of growing seasons. To protect the tree, put a 4 inch layer of mulch to keep the moisture in.

For the first growing season, watering three times weekly is recommended. When it is dormant season, prune the tree and get rid of the injured and dead branches.

Get rid of suckers that may be present at the base. For the first growing season, a bit of 12-4-8 fertilizer will be sufficient. Avoid over-fertilizing as it may impede the tree growth. Just apply the right amount of fertilizer.

While these tree patching instructions can save the tree, it is equally important to follow the guides for caring for the tree. By caring for the dogwood tree, the odds of it getting injured will be lessened.

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