How to Build a Waterfall

Adding an artificial waterfall in your garden will increase the beauty and value of the place. If you want to build a waterfall, you have to do more than just pile rocks over one another.

Required Tools and Materials

Waterproof liner
Waterfall pump
Plastic hose
Hand shovel
Garden hose
Small shovel
A garden pond

Step 1

Make certain the pond and your proposed waterfall have compatible widths. If the pond is large, make the waterfall wide and high. If the pond is small, don’t make the waterfall too large. Keep in mint that a very high waterfall can be noisy.

Step 2

If you don’t have a pond, dig a hole to make one. If you are going to add fish, make it deep. A shallow pond is all right if you aren’t going to put fish there. You can build a waterfall’s base from the pond’s dirt.

Step 3

Mold the base of the waterfall. Set it as high as you like. Spray it with water from the hose. This will help the dirt get packed in.

Step 4

Put the waterproof liner on pond and dirt. Apply rock layers on it. The purpose of the linker is to soak in the waterfall spray. Make certain the liner overlaps the pond lip by six inches.

Step 5

Put the rocks over the liner. If the rocks are not stable, unwrap the liner a bit. Use the hand shovel and create a shelf on the dirt. Place the liner back in its original spot. Change the slope shape if you want. Add more rocks.

Step 6

Now you can put water into the pond. Hook the pump on the hose. Place the pump in the pond. Put the hose at the top of your waterfall. Put some rocks around the hose so it cannot be seen. Use the rocks to conceal the presence of the liner too. Be careful when placing the rocks; do not flatten the hose.

Tips and Warnings

Turn the garden hose on as you pile the rocks on. Check where the water is going. Make sure that the water being pumped is the waterfall height and pond depth. Make sure to ground the pump.

Before you build a waterfall, think of where you will place it.
Place it in the most conspicuous area possible. No matter what the size is, it is guaranteed to be the focal point of your garden. For this reason, you need to put it where it is easily seen.

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