How to Build a Fireplace

A fireplace has a practical function in homes, but it can also serve as decoration. These instructions to build a fireplace involve the use of stones.

Required Tools and Materials

Mortar mix
2 x 4s
Wood glue
Wood stain
Cultured stone
Nail gun
Grout float
Saw with diamond-tipped blade
Mason’s hammer
Masonry nails
Masonry trowel
Mortar pan

Step 1

Take measurements around the fireplace. Create a wood board template using painter’s tape.

Step 2

Select the stone you want to utilize. When you have the stones, arrange the stones in a pattern based on your template. Slice the stones using the saw.

Step 3

Mix the mortar and water in a pan. Keep mixing until the consistency is similar to cake batter. Put the mortar on the back of the stone using the trowel.

Step 4

To build a fireplace, put the stone on the hearth. Use the pattern you made earlier.

Step 5

Cut three 2 x 4s. Use these pieces to make the frame. Use the nail gun to assemble the wood pieces.

Step 6

Using the mortar, set the stone on the mantel. Let the mortar dry. After drying, put more mortar in the crevices between the blocks.

Step 7

Next, you have to create the wood hearth. Shape the plywood frame so it will appropriate for the firebox. Connect the 2 x 4s on the hearth’s underside. You have to use the wood glue and the nail gun here.

Step 8

Put the hearth in the firebox. Make sure to install the slate on the hearth frame. Use the mortar for this task.

Step 9

Put the grout in the space using the grout float. If there is excess grout, wipe it off with a damp sponge. Wait for it to dry. When it is dry, put sealer between the slate pieces.

Step 10

Determine the fireplace length. Chop the wood so it will be a fit for the mantle. Connect it to the mantel underside. Use the nail to connect it.

Tips and Warnings

The mason’s hammer should be used to remove long and sharp edges off the stone. When assembling the fireplace, remember that smooth edges will make it easier to fit the stone. It also means you have to use less grout. Have plenty of rags or sponges ready to remove the excess grout.

After you build a fireplace, you can apply wood stain. This will make the fireplace look more attractive. After the stain dries, you can start using the fireplace.

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