How to Build a Skateboard

Skateboarding nowadays is both a fun youth activity and a sport. Skateboarders show off their amazing talent on TV and in competitions everywhere. Though its basic use is for transportation, you can also be recognized on how they make and design their skateboards. A wide variety of skateboards are now sold in the stores. If you’re interested in displaying your creative skills then here are some pointers on how to build a skateboard.

Required Materials

Making your own skateboard it will take time and some effort in forming the board blank. Though it’s really not much cheaper but buying a skateboard blank is more advisable especially if you want to learn how to build your own board. Aside from the skateboard blank, you’ll also need sandpaper, a paintbrush, trucks, wheels, grip tape, sealer, and drilling equipment. Bolts, risers, and bearings are attached on the trucks when the wheels are ready to be placed.

Steps to Build a Skateboard

First, we need to figure out where we would like to drill holes for our trucks. Once you chosen your desired location you can then mark it. Two metal trucks are required where the top part is screwed to the deck. Beneath that is the hanger. After figuring and marking that out, drill the holes in the designated sections. Screw the trucks on the holes you drilled. Attach the trucks. This enables you to skate in a straight line.

After installing the trucks, sand smoothen the skateboard’s surface and its brim. Patiently sand until it’s ready for painting and decorations. Paint your skateboard primarily with any series of colors of your choice. There are some who use natural wood stain for their first coating. Set your skateboard aside to dry.

Now comes the most exciting part of making a skateboard, which actually brings your creativity into play in this project. Picking the things to make your skateboard unique depends on your favorite kind of icon or symbol. Employ some decals to support your design. Another option is to paint it with a design you love most. Give it enough time to dry if you decide to paint it.

Additional Tips on How to Build a Skateboard

Here are a few more tips on how to build a skateboard. After decorating with your own artwork, paint your board with a polyurethane sealer. It acts as protection and adherent. Set it aside to let the sealer dry for a while.

Remember that wheels with sizes of 54-85 mm roll faster and runs easier on cracks on the roadway. On the other hand, smaller 48-54 mm size wheels has less force to accelerate and makes a slower top speed. Skateboarders mostly use smaller sizes for tricks. After choosing the kind of wheel you want, assemble it on the truck and the deck. Finish it with grip tape on the deck.

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