How to Build a Skate Ramp

How to Build a Skate Ramp

Skate parks are nice, but sometimes you have to pay a fee to use it. In other cases, the park is just too far away. Either way, you can just build a skate ramp and hone your skills without leaving home.

Required Tools and Materials

Electric plane
Electric saw
Measuring tool
Wood glue
3 pieces of wood (45 mm x 35 mm x 576 mm)
1 piece of plywood (6 mm thick x 970 mm x 600 mm)
Piece of plywood (12 mm thick x 600 mm x 1200 mm)

Step 1

Saw the 12 mm wood so they form two right angles of the same size. The height has to be 300 mm and the base 900 mm.

Step 2

Now you have to make the skate ramp frame. Get a piece of timber. Cut it so the top is the same as the triangle. Rivet a wood piece onto the triangle sides. Make certain the edges are flushed.

Step 3

When you build a skate ramp, you have to set a wood piece on the triangle sides. Rivet them into position. The final wood piece has to be in the center of the triangle. Rivet this portion too.

Step 4

Saw a few of the wood boards left. Shape the edge in an angle similar to the ramp’s pointed section. Apply glue and set it into place. Wait for the glue to dry; this will vary per product. Nail the piece when the glue has dried. Set the plywood over the frame.

Step 5

Position the ramp where you want it to be. Check if the rivets are in the proper place. If you applied any extra glue, wait for it to dry. If everything is set, you can start using the skate ramp.

Tips and Warnings

You can make this ramp yourself, but it won’t hurt to have an assistant to help you. While you can use other measurements than the ones specified, it is best if you increase them in proportion to the figure given here.

Make sure you purchase sufficient amount of materials before you start. Many like to buy 10% more than the required amount of material. This gives them room for some errors.

Do not use screws when you build a skate ramp; screws may cause the wood to break apart. If you decide to paint the ramp, do so in a well ventilated environment. Exercise caution when using the saw and other tools.