How to Maintain Glass Dining Tables

How to Maintain Glass Dining Tables

Many homeowners have glass dining tables because these are very elegant and the tables make their homes more attractive. If you use the tables properly, you can see that these furnishings can last for a lifetime. Maintaining this type of table is difficult but if you have the necessary cleaning materials at home, these can ease the load. To know how to maintain glass dining tables appropriately just follow the simple steps below.


When you have a glass dining table at home, always remember to use coasters and mats for your plates and glasses. The mats and coasters can prevent scratches on the glass. To make the table more captivating to the eyes of your guests, it is best that you use colorful coasters and mats.

If you are serving hot dishes or appetizers like soups, do not forget to use trivets. Hot dishes and soups can cause damages on the table. When cleaning the table, always use sponge and tap water. If there are stains on the table, you can remove it using detergents. To remove stains on the glass, it is best that you use high quality glass cleaner.

If there are scratches on the glass, you can remove these with the use of a buffing wheel. However, if the scratches are large and visible, it is important that you ask assistance from professionals. Whenever you have a hard time removing small chip of food on the table, you can remove it using emery paper to prevent having scratches.

Cleaning Glass Dining Tables

There are lots of things to consider before cleaning glass dining tables. Always remember that using cleaners with acidic substances as well as vinegar can cause permanent damages on the table. Below are the procedures that you can follow if you want to clean the table successfully.

Get a lint-free cloth, a cup of tap water, hot soapy water, a shaving brush, a cup of alcohol, a tablespoon of vinegar, a multi-surface spray and Petroleum Jelly wipes. Wash the cloth with the soapy water. Wash the bottom and top of the glass with the cloth. Wash the cloth with tap water and use it to rinse the glass. Get a dry cloth and wipe the top and bottom of the glass.

Get the Petroleum Jelly wipes and use these to clean the frame of the table. If you do not have the wipes, mix the alcohol, vinegar and a cup of water. Use this solution to clean the frame. Wipe the frame with dry cloth.