How to Build a Hen House

Before you build a hen house, understand that they come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. The type you make will depend on your needs.

Required Tools and Materials

Sketch plans
Wood beams
2 x 4s
Canvas (waterproof)
Nest boxes

Step 1

Decide on the size of the hen house. The small ones you can just reach into, while others are big enough people can go in. Just keep in mind that a single hen needs 4 to 4 ½ ft of individual space. Make a sketch of the hen house style you want.

Step 2

Before you start to build a hen house, pick a ground site that is level and firm. You also want the hen house raised a bit from the ground. Cut a couple of 72 in 4 x 4 skids. Now saw the floor boards and set it on the skids.

If you are making a smaller hen house, it’s okay to dig a few feet in the ground and put four posts there. The hen can be set on these posts.

Step 3

Determine the size of the floor. Now cut the 2 x 4s according to the desired dimensions. Make sure the shape is square (or whatever it is you want). Next, cut the support beams for the floor. Make sure the beams are distributed evenly across the floor.

The number of support beams will depend on the size of the floor. Often, those who build a hen house will put a couple of support beams 24 inches at the outer part of the frame.

Step 4

Nail the support beams on the floor. Ensure all the joints are on studs.

Step 5

Get the 2 x 4s and saw them according to the desired length. Hammer the nails Depending on your hen house design, the floor plate may need to be set on wall studs. Other designs will require the floor to be nailed straight onto the floor.

Step 6

After the corner studs are set up, the support beams can be nailed down. Refer to your sketch plans on where to put the studs.

Step 7

After you build a hen house’s floor, you can put in the roof. Cut the roof to the desired shape. Install them over the roof supports. If you want to add windows and doors, trace the shapes on the plywood and cut them to the desired length.

Step 8

If the hen house is small, you should put the nest boxes in before the roof. Otherwise, you can put them in last. Put the waterproof canvas all around the nest boxes. Next, add in the plywood.

Tips and Warnings

A 6 sq ft 74 in high hen house will be good enough for eight hens. You’ll want to make it bigger if you have more hens. Make it smaller if you have only a few hens.

Finally, you should always wear safety goggles when you build a hen house. When it’s finished, you can start putting in the hens.

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