How to Build a Shelf

How to Build a Shelf

It is very easy to learn how to build a shelf. Whether you need it to display collectibles or stack books, you‘ll be able to fashion out several of these easily.

Required Tools and Materials

L brackets
Paint brushes
Safety glasses
Jig saw
Tape measure

Step 1

Decide how thick the shelf is going to be. A typical wall shelf is an inch thick. The width and length is up to you.

Step 2

Get the measurements for the area where you will put the shelf. Use these measurements when you saw the wood. Cut to the size desired. If you want it to look more attractive, add a design to the wood front. It can be wavy, scalloped or anything you like. Make the design on the cardboard. Put the cardboard on the wood. Trace this shape on the wood and cut it.

Step 3

Sand the edges until they are smooth. If you are just studying how to build a shelf, keep in mind that the entire wood may have to be sanded. Many would recommend sanding all the edges and sides. This will make painting smoother and simpler.

Step 4

Paint the shelf any color you like. Wood usually needs more than a single coat of paint. Let it dry before applying another coat.

Step 5

Put varnish on the shelf to protect it. Apply two varnish coatings to give it a glossy appearance. Let the first coating dry before applying the second one. You can also sand the wood before applying the second coating.

Step 6

Hook up two L brackets on the ends of the shelf. For extra support, place L brackets every two feet along the shelf. Join the shelf to the wall using the L bracket.

Tips and Warnings

You can use objects like cup saucers to give the shelf a scalloped edge. Before you start the project, wear safety glasses. Follow the safety instructions included with your power tool. Make sure the workplace is well ventilated. This is necessary when varnishing and panting.

You can also use the shelf to display flowers and picture frames. The 24 inch spacing is only an approximation. You can make the intervals shorter or longer depending on the length of the shelf.

There are other ways to learn how to build a shelf, but this method is simple enough almost anyone can try it. Do not overload the shelf though; if you need more space you can build another one.