How to Build a Pondless Waterfall

How to Build a Pondless Waterfall

The task looks daunting, but it’s actually quite simple to build a pondless waterfall. Once you procure the necessary equipment, you can proceed to the step by step instructions.

Required Tools and Materials

2 ft tub
At least 25 large rocks (10 lbs each)
500 lbs of flat veneer rocks
Submersible water pump (at least 400 gallons per hour)
3 bags of sand
Garden hose
Flower pot (can hold the tubing and pump)
Flexible tubing (long enough so the water goes over the waterfall)
Hose clamp
Hot tub chlorine

Step 1

Pick an area that has access to water, electricity and hose bib. When you find the right site, dig a hole 4” shallower than the tub is deep. Insert the tub in the hole. Use the garden hose to fill the tub with water.

Step 2

To build a pondless waterfall, you need to put the sand bags all around the tub. Open the bags. Stand on the tub and level it. If you don’t, the tub will float. Turn on the water hose at the hose bib, but make sure it is off at your end.

Step 3

Spread the sand in the area all over the tub spaces. Fill the hole’s edges and the tub sides. Use the hose to eliminate all empty spaces.

Step 4

Place the pump in the water. Set the flower pot on top of the pump. Make sure the clamped tubing is hanging out. Put one of the rocks on the flower pot. While still in the water, begin placing the large rocks in the tub. As you build a pondless waterfall make certain you don’t cover the tubing.

Step 5

When you’re done putting in the rocks, get out of the water. Put a few more flat rocks around the tub. Put enough so the tub is covered with rocks. Put in as many as needed.

Step 6

Put four rocks in the spot where you want the waterfall to be. Get the tubing and set it on the waterfall you just made. Plug the pump. Make sure the water is going over the waterfall. If it’s pouring out of the tub, rearrange the rocks.

Step 7

After you build a pondless waterfall, add some chlorine in the water. This will prevent algae from cropping up.

Tips and Warnings

Add some plants around the waterfall. You don’t need to restrict yourself to pond plants; you can use any plants that can adapt to the climate in your area.

Use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) electrical outlet. This device will automatically cut off the electrical power if water and electricity make contact. Do not install any electrical components unless you know how to. This job will be easier to make if you get help from another individual.

It’s true that trying to build a pondless waterfall will take some effort. Arranging and rearranging the rocks will also take time. But the result will be an eye catching attraction in your garden.