How to Fix Door Hinges

How to Fix Door Hinges

Hinges allow doors to function properly. However, they can be damaged after longer use. In case this happens, they create a squeaking sound, which of course can be very annoying. This is actually just a moderately easy task, which eliminates the need to avail the services of professionals. You can solve these problems without spending too much by learning how to fix door hinges.

Materials Needed

You only need a few simple materials to accomplish this moderately easy job. Basic materials include a knife, a small piece of wood and a screwdriver. Proper lubrication can be provided by a graphite lubricant or light oil. In case you have these items, you can proceed right away with this task.


A loose door hinge can be fixed by removing the screws first. A Phillips-head or a flathead screwdriver is enough to remove them. This will leave the holes exposed. Get the knife and then use it to whittle a small wood. Make the stick slightly bigger than the holes. The front part of the stick must be tapered. Hammer it right into the hole. At the edge of the hole, break the stick. Do the same thing to the other holes.

Check if the door hinge needs to be replaced. If not, screw it back in place. You can now create new thread holes, which produce a solid grip once you re-attach the screws back in place. This is actually enough to fix the loose hinges.

In case the door hinges create squeaking sounds, this problem can be fixed by pulling out the pin that connects the hinge in one piece. Lubricate it with a graphite lubricant or light oil. Do the same thing to the pivoting points of the hinge. Put the hinge back to a single piece and then re-attach the pin. Before you reconnect the pin, check it first if there is any tear or damage. Once it is sloppy or weak, it will cause a drag when opening or closing the door. If this is the problem, replace the pin right away with a new one.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

If the standard slotted screws needs to be replaced, you can use new Phillips-head screws. At the doorjamb side of the hinges, you can replace one with a longer screw. This can prevent the hinges from getting floppy or loose. Instead of wood, a golf tee can also be used. Just dip the tee into wood glue and then push it through the hole. Wait for the glue to dry up and then cut the excess part. Do the same thing to the other holes.