How to Build a Poker Table

A poker table is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. For those who want to build a poker table, here is a guide.

Required Tools and Materials

Power drill
Staple gun
Tape measure
Jig saw
Folding table legs
3 yards of vinyl for rail
Ultra soft velveteen for play surface
2 cans 3M 45 spray adhesive
2 sheets of 4 foot by 8 foot plywood (3/4-inch)

Step 1

Cut the 4 x 8 plywood so it is shaped like an oval. This will be the poker tabletop.

Step 2

Set the table top down and get another piece of plywood. Trace the oval shape. Saw the second plywood. You will end up with another oval with the same shape and size. Mark five inches in the second oval. Saw the oval in the middle. Set this piece aside for now. The outer part is the railing.

Step 3

Get the table top piece. Note an inch all around it. Drill holes in so you can put the jig saw blade there. Saw along the lines. This will make up the low rail as you build a poker table.

Step 4

Connect the upper and lower rails with some wood screws. Smooth the rough edges with the sander.

Step 5

Set the table top face down. Glue the oval you set aside earlier on is rear. Connect the two together with the drill and some screws.

Step 6

Connect the legs on the table underside. Flip the poker table back up.

Step 7

Remove sawdust from the table. Apply 3M 45 on the table. Put the foam in the tabletop. Put velveteen on top. Pull the velveteen so it is a tight fit. Use the staple gun to secure it under the table.

Step 8

For the railing, cut three pieces of foam, one for the top and two for the sides. Stick it on with the 3M 45. Put the railing face down on the vinyl’s backside. Before you staple it, pull the material tight. Work only four inch parts at a time. Again, make sure that it is pulled tight.

Step 9

Cut off the extra vinyl. Staple it. Put the rail on the poker table. Secure in on the table underside. Make sure that it is tight.

The table is finished. Now you just have to add the chips. You can build a poker table of any size using these instructions. Just cut the wood parts to the appropriate size and dimensions.

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