How to Build a Room

Building a room for whatever reasons is a huge project to get into. You might really need help to be able to complete such task. But if you insist on making it a DIY project, don’t worry because we will give you a guide on how to build a room to get you started.

Step 1: Make a plan. As with building a new structure, you need to draft a plan for your room. This should come first before you make any purchase of the materials you will need. The design plan would tell you what you will need, how much you will spend, and how many helper you should call.

Step 2: Secure building permits. Depending on your local zoning board, you should secure a building permit every time you will make any addition to your home. There will be parameters you need to follow so you must be careful about obeying such parameters and sticking to your plan.

Step 3: Mark out the space you will be building your new room. You need to work on the foundation and make sure that your room will have a good support system as with the rest of the house.

Step 4: When the foundation is ready, it is time to start building the walls.

Step 5: If there is a need to do so, start roofing. In a case where you are building a room from the inside of the house, you may discard this step.

Step 6: When your room is completely covered, it is time to work on electrical wiring and the HVAC system. Work on insulation as well.

Step 7: Do the finishing touches. When all the elements are already installed, it is time to apply your favorite paint color to the walls and ceiling. Do the flooring, the windows, the trim works, and the door. Unlike the building process, the finishing part is much easier and even more enjoyable.

A room made from scratch is very enjoyable to work around with. Even with little experience and with lots of creativity, you could design your own room and turn it into an instant haven.

Remember to add a personal touch to your room by installing items and accessories that speaks of your character. Put pieces of furniture that spell comfort and convenience for you. This is your room, your own personal sanctuary. You must feel most at home in this part of the house. The fact that you built it yourself already makes it special. Make it even more so by decorating it exactly the way you want it.

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