How to Build a Dog Run

How to Build a Dog Run

Having a fenced-in yard is suitable for most dogs. But if this can’t be done, you can always learn how to build a dog run. The proceeding instructions will show you how to make one using concrete.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood boards
Tape measure
Metal stakes

Step 1

Decide where you want the run built. Make sure it is easily accessible so you can visit it anytime. The area should have some shading when it gets very hot.

Step 2

The dimensions will vary, but most are ten feet wide at the very least. The fencing you chose and the yard dimensions also affect the overall size.

Step 3

To learn how to build a dog run, start by putting stakes on the ground. Use them to mark the run area. Put strings on the stakes. Once you have the outline set up, measure the area. Use this figure to determine how much concrete is required.

Step 4

Dig a three inch deep hole. Make forms in this spot with the wood boards and metal stakes. Ensure the concrete slab is four inches thick minimum.

Step 5

Put a layer of stone in the spot where the concrete will be placed. Prepare the concrete mix. Pour the concrete. Make certain the slab is set at an angle. This will allow waste and urine to run off. This way you can clean it easily using a hose.

Step 6

Get the broom. Use it to brush concrete surface. You do not want the cement to become too smooth. Concrete that is too smooth may cause the dog to slip. By brushing the surface, it will produce some
traction. This will make it easier for the dog to walk.

Step 7

Set up the fencing along the concrete slab. Make sure that the fence is five feet high at least. If the dog likes to jump, you should have a kennel with roof.

Tips and Warnings

Assess the area before you make the dog run. If it gets very hot, the shade may not be enough. Consider adding a doghouse. You can also add a pre-made chain link around the area.

Inspect the dog run before putting the dog there. Make sure the structure is well set up. If everything is set, you can put the dog there.

By knowing how to build a dog run, you can give your pet a safe place to play in. This type of run also makes it easy to get rid of dirt and prevent infection.